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Guy is in New Zealand, so Eitan Blumin comes to fill in. We talk about:

  • CI/CD with SSDT
  • What is a Canary Query
  • The best performance tuning feature, ROI wise
  • Hierarchical partitioning
  • Azure storage for SQL Server
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We had a technical issue with this month’s recording, so instead we’re going back to one of our favorite shows – Big Mistakes with Brent Ozar.
Enjoy, and we’ll be back with new stuff in a few weeks.

Among other mistakes, we talk about:

  • How did a company end up with a table named “C”
    Brent’s first database disaster ever
  • Why Guy spent two weeks in Microsoft Belfast
    Fire in the data center
  • How does a manager need to respond during a crisis
    How should you react when you mess up
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Matan is really passionate about Azure Data Explorer. He presented a session about it in the last Data Platform Meetup in Israel. In this show, Matan introduces this powerful analytics platform.

Check it out: Azure Data Explorer

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In this show, we talk about:

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In this show, we talk about:

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