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In this show, we are happy to welcome a special guest - Dekel Asaf, R&D manager at OM2. We talked about many things, among them:

  • Always On - or "Mostly On"
  • Why DBAs don't Use SSDT?
  • Database Unit Testing
  • Sliding Window
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In this show, we talk about:

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Can you believe it?

It's the 100th show!!!

We have been doing it for 5 years, and we are having so much fun!

We have been planning this show for a very long time, and we have some very special guests with us...

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In this show we answered a listener's question about the 32-bit vs. 64-bit nightmare that developers have to go through when trying to access Excel files from SSIS.

And we also mentioned a script to roll forward transaction log backups.

The next show is the 100 show!!! We are planning a big party! Stay tuned...

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In this show, we talk about:

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Show Notes: 

  • How to Set Up Availability Group with a Domain Account
  • How to Start SQL Server Without Tempdb?
  • Auto-Commit vs. Implicit Transactions
  • What's between Corruption and Blocking?
  • What Machine Learning Can Do?
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Show 96 is here. Among other stuff, we talked about: 

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it's been very busy lately, and Guy is currently abroad, so we're posting something a little different.

For the 100th show of the Hebrew edition, we celebrated with 5 panels about different topics we held on SQLSaturday Israel.

One of the panels was about programming best practices in SQL Server, and conveniently, it was in English.  

We'll be back in two weeks with a regular show.


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In this show, we talk about:

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Today in the show, we solve (well, almost) a SQL Server crossword by Kenneth Fisher...

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Today in the show:

  • The Best SQL Server Five-Words Tech Horror
  • MongoDB Aggregation Feature in Azure Cosmos DB
  • Data Discovery and Classification in SSMS
  • Managing Multi-Tenant Applications
  • Which One is Better? IN or BETWEEN?
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