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Another two weeks have passed, and another show is live.

Today on the show:

  • Error handling in SSIS
  • Why Big Data systems use ELT and not ETL
  • What Data Scientists do
  • What Data Analysts do and why they need to know SQL well 
  • Azure Data Factory and Azure Data Catalog
  • Compressing and decompressing data in SQL Server 2016
  • Configuration options for high-end SQL Server systems
  • More SQL Server setup tips

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In this show, we talk to William Durkin (Blog | Twitter), an Englishman "stuck in Germany".

William just switched to being an independent SQL Server consultant, and we talk to him about going independent, how to price yourself the right way, and about many good SQL Server tips.

Specifically, we talk about:

  • His way for becoming an independent consultant
  • How to price yourself by value and not by time
  • SQL Server Replication tips
  • Tips for upgrading SQL Server with minimal downtime
  • What is the meaning of 5 nines and how much technical and financial investments it requires
  • When and how to use DNS aliases with your SQL Servers
  • Dynamic Data Masking use cases
  • Linked Servers performance tips

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About William

William is an independent SQL Server consultant from England (now in Germany). He has experience as a DBA in large multi-national SQL Server environments and is a regular speaker around Europe.

William Durkin

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