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In this show, we host our good friend and great DBA, Shy Engelberg.

Together with Shy, we talk about:

  • Guy's new online course - Advanced Query Tuning in SQL Server
  • How to write queries for dynamic search screens
  • Use cases for MongoDB and Machine Learning
  • What is the adaptive query plan feature
  • How Shazam works, and how it's related to the show
  • Thoughts on HA and DR,
  • Thoughts on SQL Server licensing
  • Thoughts on bringing Azure features to the ground

Inside the show, you'll also find a coupon code for the course

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In this show of SQL Server Radio:

  • Transactional Replication tips
  • How to self destruct a SQL Server Agent job
  • Storage at speed of memory on Windows Server 2016 and SQL Server 2016
  • Database backup and in Amazon RDS
  • Writing and syncing files to AWS s3
  • Mapping a partition to a filegroup in a partitioned table
  • A cool Twitter account for monitoring fixed SQL Server issues
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PASS Summit is next week, and in this show, we cover the sessions, the parties, the networking opportunities and the other goodies of the summit.

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We start the show with a game of Yes/No questions. 

Afterwards, we talk about:

  • Must we wait to service pack 1 before installing a new SQL Server version?
  • Comparing wait stats between dates
  • Tests when upgrading to SQL Server 2016
  • Paul Randal's waits and latches library
  • And more..
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Show 56 is here, and this time we talk about:

  • Itzik Ben-Gan's ways for unpivoting data
  • Auditing every change in every table
  • The Dunning-Krugher Effect and how it's related to new technologies
  • Use Cases for XML and JSON
  • Some differences between SQL Server and MongoDB
  • Transactional consistency between different databases in an Availability Group
  • Agent Profiles in SQL Server replication
  • The best "feel good" song in history

Items mentioned in the show:

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Today in the show, we:

  • Check whether Set Nocount On is still needed
  • Extract data easily
  • Deep dive into Always Encrypter
  • Unmask Dynamic Data Masking
  • Check why we don't get emails about deadlocks
  • Check why a monitoring software couldn't monitor

Items mentioned in the show:

As always, if you have any questions, comments or interesting stories, drop us a line and we'll talk about them.

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Itzik Ben-Gan has many T-SQL tricks.

In this show, we talk about a few of them:

  • How to get Batch Mode Processing with regular tables
  • How to share Identity between different tables
  • How to use Cross Apply for Unpivot

In addition, we talk about what SOS_Scheduler_Yield means and answer the question - is it always the DBA's fault?

If you would like your question to be featured on the show, just head over to SQLServerRadio.com, drop us a line, and we'll talk about it in one of the upcoming shows.

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Guy is back from a one month trip in the United States, and we're back with another show of SQL Server Radio.

In this show, we talk about a few of our upcoming speaking gigs (PASS Summit and SQL Server Days in Belgium), about File-Snapshot backups in SQL Server 2016, about triggers in DB2, SQL Server 2016 CU1, about where to spend your thinking time, and more.

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Tomaž Kaštrun (blog | twitter) about what Data Science is, what does a Data Scientist do, what insights is he looking for, what tools does he use, what is R, and what R integration in SQL Server 2016 means.

About Tomaž

Tomaž Kaštrun  is BI developer and Analyst with more than 15 years of experience working with MS SQL Server and and 15 years of experiences on statistics and predictive analytics. He is a frequent SQL Server community speaker, blogger, delivering sessions on local user group meetings, PASS or Microsoft related events (PASS, 24HOP, SQLSaturday) and publishing articles related to SQL Server.
He is working for Spar ICS GmbH / Spar Slovenija d.o.o. and is vivid coffee drinker.

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What's new in SQL Server 2016?

In this show, we celebrate the official release of SQL Server 2016 and talk about the new features of the version.

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We can't really believe it, but it's the 50th show of SQL Server Radio! Time does fly when having fun!

To celebrate the 50th show, we have a countdown of the top 50 SQL Server features of all time..with a small twist..

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Most of us will have to deliver some kind of a presentation in our professional lives, whether it's inside the organization or at a conference.
Today, we talk to Boris Hristov (blog | twitter) about this subject.

You might remember Boris from show 26 where we talked to him about Policy Based Management and Distributed Replay, but today he's in a completely different phase.

Boris started a company called 356labs that is targeted at helping speakers deliver better presentations. 

During our chat, we cover:

  • Why it's important to start presenting, and how to start doing it
  • How to correctly deliver a message during a presentation
  • What should you ask yourself before delivering a presentation
  • Why are images better at delivering a message
  • How to start a company and get clients
  • Many practical tips for presenting

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In this show, we talk about:

  • The top 100 percent trick and whether or not it works
  • A weird bug that was solved in SQL Server 2012 SP2
  • What is SSISDB and an Intersting tip for its maintenance
  • How to start performance tuning a system
  • Misconceptions about order
  • Dynamic search conditions
  • How to share data between stored procedures
  • Our favorite sessions from today's 24 Hours of PASS
  • How to be more productive and scale yourself
  • And more..

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Continuing the show from two weeks ago, we have another show with Brent Ozar we recorded when he was in Israel a few weeks ago.

This time, we talk about what a DBA needs to know in order to get a job in this day and age.

What should you know if you're a junior DBA? what should you know if you're a senior DBA? what are some interesting interview questions you might face?

We also spend a few minutes talking about SQL Server on Linux, whether it makes sense, what does it really mean, and what should any SQL Server professional know today. 

Items mentioned in the show:

About Brent

Brent Ozar (Blog | Twitter) is the founder and owner of Brent Ozar Unlimited.

Brent loves pushing SQL Server past the speed limit and showing other people how to drive it faster. He enjoys translating between programmers, sysadmins, SAN admins, and project managers. They find the root of the problem quickly, together, and get everyone working towards the same solutions.
For the best conversation in your life, ask him about:

  • Microsoft SQL Server performance tuning
  • Making kCura Relativity faster
  • VMware ESX/vSphere virtualization
  • Storage and SANs
  • Server hardware
  • How Tim Gunn can make it work


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In this show, we talk to Lior King, DBA Team Manager at Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), the company who manages the New York Stock Exchange.

Lior has many years of experience working with SQL Server, Oracle, .NET, MongoDB, Cassandra, and much more. We discuss the challenges and the MANY database systems that ICE works with.

Among other topics, we talk to Lior about:

  • What happens under the hood when someone buys a stock
  • How Lior's team integrates the many data systems for providing a full solution
  • How ICE use SQL Server Replication for synchronizing data around the world
  • What Lior is looking for in SQL Server 2016

About Lior

Lior King is carrying more than 25 years of experience in the IT world.

His main expertise is database systems (SQL Server and Oracle), database programming, data access layers using .NET and NoSQL solutions (MongoDB, Cassandra and Hadoop).

He started as a developer in the army (MAMRAM graduate) then a DBA, a team leader, a software architect and consulting group manager.

He's always seeking to improve my skills as a technology professional as well as my managerial and business skills.

His specialties are SQL Server and Oracle database administration, architecture and programming, Dot Net framework programming, software infrastructure design, the Hadoop platform and NoSQL solutions.

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Did you know SSMS can make sounds? We start the show with some interesting things you might do with it.

In addition, we talk about:

  • SQL Server on Linux
  • Hadoop fundamentals
  • SQL Server 2016 eBook
  • Changes to auto update statistics in SQL Server 2016
  • New SQL Server 2016 database level configurations
  • Distributed Availability Groups - what is it and use cases
  • How AWS storage works

Items mentioned in the show:

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In this show, we talk about a few projects we took part in and we're proud of.


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In today's world where deployments to production are very frequent, continuous integration and testing code become more important than ever. 

In this show, we talk to Steve Jones (Blog | Twitter), the editor of SQLServerCentral.com about how to do it.

Among other topics, we talk to Steve about:

  • His work at SQLServerCentral and his favorite parts over the years
  • What he's looking for in SQL Server 2016
  • What is continuous integration and how it can be done with SQL Server
  • How to test your database code before it gets to production
  • Data Quality Services and Master Data Services

Items mentioned in the show:

About Steve

Steve has been working with SQL Server since 1991, when he became the accidental DBA for a SQL Server v4.2 system running on OS/2 1.3.
Since that time Steve has worked with all versions of SQL Server at various jobs.

In 2001, Steve founded SQLServerCentral.com with Brian Knight, Andy Warren, and three other partners that were bought out the next year. In 2002, Steve left his job with Peoplesoft to manage SQLServerCentral full time as editor, publisher, and writer. Andy, Brian, and Steve continued to manage and grow SQLServerCentral until 2007 when it was sold to Red Gate Software along with Database Weekly (then Database Daily). At that time Steve went to work for Red Gate and has continued his work with SQLServerCentral and Red Gate since that time.

Steve regularly speaks at SQL Saturday and other technical events on career and technical topics, and enjoys meeting and interacting with the SQL Server community. If you are interested in inviting him come speak at your event, please feel free to contact him through email, Twitter, or Facebook. You can also get the text of his keynote talks.

Steve was first awarded the Microsoft MVP award in 2008 and has been renewed 3 times for his many contributions to the community. Steve holds an MCSE from NT 4.0, an MSITPro in SQL Server, and numerous other MCP certifications in SQL Server. He also has an undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia in Economics.

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In this show, we talk about:

  • External deadlines
  • The RS.EXE utility and what it is used for
  • Why you shouldn't use Task Manager to check how much memory SQL Server consumes
  • The Lock Pages in Memory option
  • Stored procedure execution options under Transactional Replication
  • Instant File Initialization checkbox in SQL Server 2016 setup
  • SQL Server Agent job history
  • Fixed server roles and how to correctly configure logins in SQL Server 

Items mentioned in the show:

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Another two weeks have passed, and another show is live.

Today on the show:

  • Error handling in SSIS
  • Why Big Data systems use ELT and not ETL
  • What Data Scientists do
  • What Data Analysts do and why they need to know SQL well 
  • Azure Data Factory and Azure Data Catalog
  • Compressing and decompressing data in SQL Server 2016
  • Configuration options for high-end SQL Server systems
  • More SQL Server setup tips

Items mentioned in the show:



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In this show, we talk to William Durkin (Blog | Twitter), an Englishman "stuck in Germany".

William just switched to being an independent SQL Server consultant, and we talk to him about going independent, how to price yourself the right way, and about many good SQL Server tips.

Specifically, we talk about:

  • His way for becoming an independent consultant
  • How to price yourself by value and not by time
  • SQL Server Replication tips
  • Tips for upgrading SQL Server with minimal downtime
  • What is the meaning of 5 nines and how much technical and financial investments it requires
  • When and how to use DNS aliases with your SQL Servers
  • Dynamic Data Masking use cases
  • Linked Servers performance tips

Items mentioned in the show:

About William

William is an independent SQL Server consultant from England (now in Germany). He has experience as a DBA in large multi-national SQL Server environments and is a regular speaker around Europe.

William Durkin

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